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2011-05-29 15:37:16 by TheSandyman

Greetings to the few who'll ever read this,

a mate and I are students at a filmschool in Belgium, and from time to time we create something for our youtubechannel. A few of them are in Dutch though, so most of you won't understand the voice-over or the titles.
Other than that, what we make is mostly absurd.

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2011-06-03 09:09:08

Well, I donĀ“t know if I really understood what was going on there, but I can see that the quality is pretty good, I loved that classic style and music it has and the moral is that milk is good for you, right?

TheSandyman responds:

Yeah, that basically the point. We actually had an idea to film the remote in front of a greenscreen and then let it float everywhere, but we had no idea what we were gonna do with the ending, so we decided to make a commercial for milk of it, meaning that the milk is so great, even the remote wants in on it.
So yeah... We had no idea what to do with the ending.
Thanks for the comment, mate!


2011-06-28 11:55:07

I liked that. The video made you think it was all about finding a remote then bam at the end its like MILK. I was thrown off by the way the video started and the way you guys decided to end it. Although, in all honesty, the ending felt off. But hey, I am all about making viewers feel awkward. I give you a five out five because its very well done, and it makes you feel awkward at the end. lol.

I will be going to into film school mid-next year 2012 so I plan on posting a lot of short movies on youtube. It is my hope that people will rate and give criticism. I'll rate over at your youtube channel. Peace.